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Our Wallpaper Products

You might be surprised to learn that there are many different types of wallpapers available which are suitable for different applications and with different levels of quality. As one of the pioneering wallpaper businesses in Australia Mister Wallpaper has sought out the best wallpaper products from around the world. All of the products below have been thoroughly tested and have proven to stand the test of time. Whatever your needs, you can be sure that our wallpaper products are unmatched in quality.


All of our wallpapers are easy to install and remove but some are more suitable for DIY application than others. If you need any assistance with finding the right wallpaper material get in touch with Mister Wallpaper today.

  • PRO Wallpaper

    Wide panels, fewer joints, satin sheen - easy handling for professional installers.

    Main advantages of the PRO wallpaper:

    • Sturdy wallpaper drops up to 125 cm wide.
    • Just paste the wall with wallpaper paste and stick the dry wallpaper on.
    • Printed with 30 mm overlap, trimming cut necessary for flat joints,
    • Installation by professional installers recommended. Ask us for installations in Sydney/Wollongong.
    • The wallpaper is easy to remove, just wet the surface and wait until paste in the back softens.
    • High light-fastness, reluctant to fade.
    • Recyclable, PVC-free, wet-strength wallpaper.
    • Proven product, for over 7 years on the market worldwide.
  • Do-It-Yourself Wallpaper

    Nothing is too far away when it comes to satisfying our customer needs.

    That is why we get this removable wallpaper printed for you overseas.

    Main advantages of the DIY wallpaper:

    • Only 46.5 cm wide
    • Can be directly put onto the prepasted wall (paste the wall technique, see installation instructions here)
    • Butt-joining is easy
    • Comes with special paste for easy installation and removal
    • High light-fastness, reluctant to fade
    • Recyclable, non-woven, wet-strength wallpaper
    • Proven product, for over 15 years on the market in Europe  Delivery time during COVID: 5 - 7 weeks
  • Self-Adhesive Wallpaper/PhotoTex

    This is a fantastic material with a fine woven fabric on the front and an easy removable adhesive on the back. It's the secret weapon on decorators and other handy creatives as removable wallpaper.

    Main advantages of the self-adhesive, removable wallpaper aka PhotoTex:

    • - Up to 145 cm wide panels
    • - Can be directly put onto the clean wall, no paste or additional adhesive needed
    • - Special adhesive backside for easy removal
    • - Fine woven fabric wallpaper
    • - Proven product, for over 8 years on the market worldwide
  • Acoustic FabWalls

    The perfect wallcovering solution when you have bad acoustics in a room. Improve any room acoustically and visually: meeting rooms, any office or residential space. Ideal for restaurants and bars.

    Main advantages of the Acoustic Fabwalls:

    • - Fabric wallcovering with an invisible acoustic padding
    • - Reduces noise and echo as well decorates the room
    • - Covers walls up to 3 m wide and 10 m long without a seam or joints.
    • - High-resolution, colourful printing of any image or design you chose.
    • - Easy to remove and fast exchange of image.
    • - High light-fastness, fire-retardant fabric
    • - Proven product, for over 12 years on the market in Europe
  • FabWalls

    You should see our fabulous fabric wall covering. High resolution fabric print stretched over an entire wall provides a very elegant solution for interior decoration or exhibition production.

    Main advantages of the Fabwalls:

    • No seams. Fabric up to 3 m wide, max. length 10 m. Any custom size possible.
    • Can be installed on any wall. Also freestanding, double sided version available.
    • Fast to mount, can move with your home or office. Covers up ugly surfaces.
    • High light-fastness fabric, hand-washable. Brilliant colours.
    • Fire rated fabric in elegant looking brushed Aluminium frame
    • Proven product, for over 12 years on the market