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PRO Wallpaper

PRO Wallpaper

Wide panels, fewer joints, satin sheen - easy handling for professional installers.

Main advantages of the PRO wallpaper:

  • Sturdy wallpaper drops up to 125 cm wide.
  • Just paste the wall with wallpaper paste and stick the dry wallpaper on.
  • Printed with 30 mm overlap, trimming cut necessary for flat joints,
  • Installation by professional installers recommended. Ask us for installations in Sydney/Wollongong.
  • The wallpaper is easy to remove, just wet the surface and wait until paste in the back softens.
  • High light-fastness, reluctant to fade.
  • Recyclable, PVC-free, wet-strength wallpaper.
  • Proven product, for over 7 years on the market worldwide.
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PRO Wallpaper

Professional wallpaper installers love this product

Wide drops with stunning colourful images for your feature wall. Printed in Sydney
- ready to be shipped Australia-wide within 5 working days. Our best-seller.

Easy to install and easy to remove without damaging the wall ...

 and a fast version...


PRO Wallpaper