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Choose from over 90 Million images and designs

If you are looking for inspiration for your wallpaper designs then look no further. We have carefully curated images in different categories to help inspire your wallpaper design choices. In addition to the examples below we have partnered with 123RF.com to offer you up to 90 million image choices using our search function below.


If you like any of the images in our gallery below or through the search feature then all you need to do is click ‘Order’ and you can purchase your wallpaper online. If you already have an image or photo you wish to have turned into a wallpaper then upload your image here.


Whatever your preference Mister Wallpaper is here to support you in finding the perfect image for your wallpaper or mural. If you are unsure about anything feel free to contact Mister Wallpaper if you need some assistance. For example, many of our clients worry that the image they have chosen will be suitable for their needs. Don't worry, we carefully check all images for suitability before it goes to print and will advise if we anticipate any issues.