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Check out brilliant wallpaper mural examples!

Mister Wallpaper has been fighting boring walls for over 16 years and in that time has helped to create hundreds of exciting and interesting feature walls across Australia. The galleries below have been created to give you just a taste of Mister Wallpaper’s past work. Whatever type of room or space you are decorating you can be sure that we have been there and done that. If you need more inspiration and can’t see any examples relevant to your situation please get in touch.


Our wallpapers are not just suitable for homes but for retail and commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants, exhibitions, fairs, retail, dental and other medical practices. Many artists have even used our removable wallpaper as well as theatre stage designers and photographers. The choice is only limited by your imagination. Explore our galleries of past work and get inspired! You can order your custom wallpaper online or contact Mister Wallpaper for help with your dream wall!