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Acoustic FabWall

Acoustic FabWalls

The perfect wallcovering solution when you have bad acoustics in a room. Improve any room acoustically and visually: meeting rooms, any office or residential space. Ideal for restaurants and bars.

Main advantages of the Acoustic Fabwalls:

  • - Fabric wallcovering with an invisible acoustic padding
  • - Reduces noise and echo as well decorates the room
  • - Covers walls up to 3 m wide and 10 m long without a seam or joints.
  • - High-resolution, colourful printing of any image or design you chose.
  • - Easy to remove and fast exchange of image.
  • - High light-fastness, fire-retardant fabric
  • - Proven product, for over 12 years on the market in Europe

Beautiful prints in an elegant Aluminium frame‍‍‍

Decorate a room or an area while improving the acoustics at the same time. Any size is possible, You could even have mobile room dividers that create privacy where ever you need it.

Acoustic FabWall