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Do-It-Yourself Wallpaper

Do-It-Yourself Wallpaper

Nothing is too far away when it comes to satisfying our customer needs.

That is why we get this removable wallpaper printed for you overseas.

Main advantages of the DIY wallpaper:

  • Only 46.5 cm wide
  • Can be directly put onto the prepasted wall (paste the wall technique, see installation instructions here)
  • Butt-joining is easy
  • Comes with special paste for easy installation and removal
  • High light-fastness, reluctant to fade
  • Recyclable, non-woven, wet-strength wallpaper
  • Proven product, for over 15 years on the market in Europe  Delivery time during COVID: 5 - 7 weeks

Who said that wallpaper removal is hard?

Our German DIY-wallpaper is not only easy to install, but also fast to remove. See this video.

Do-It-Yourself Wallpaper