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Custom printed wallpaper

Australia’s Home Of Custom Removable Wallpapers

Mister Wallpaper prints custom wallpaper for over 17 years

Whether you want to have your favourite holiday photo as photo wallpaper mural or you are decoratiing a kid's room with a world map wallpaper mural, our custom printed wallpaper is easy to install and also to remove.

If you need help with the design, let us know and we create the wallpaper just as you want it. You can upload your own image/design or in case you need a suitable image for us to print, click here.
Get inspired by our examples, look up the stories on the blog or check out our Facebook page with more ideas or follow us at Instagram

We guarantee that we will check every image you upload or choose from the image library before printing. More details you will find in our FAQ section.

If you need help, call Mister Wallpaper: 0491 078 155



  • TIP: Order your wallpaper mural 10 cm wider and higher (bleed) for a perfect installation




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wallpaper examples

Have a look at the examples for feature walls at homes, hotels, restaurants, exhibitions, fairs, retail, dental and other medical practices.

You can have now also map wallpaper with world maps, but also city maps and vintage maps. Click for maps here!

Many artists have used our removable wallpaper as well as theatre stage designers and photographers.

A must see is the ceiling wallpaper in a dental practice. Explore and get inspired! See our video "How to order"

wallpaper mural image gallery

Do you need and image or design? Click below 

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