Tom Wallpaper, June 1 2019

Custom Wallpaper for Artists

It's a new way for contemporary artists to show their work at a large scale using custom printed wallpaper. One of the main reasons for this development is the affordability of a one-off custom print. From exhibitions in private galleries to local art centres, large format prints on wallpaper material can now be seen in a new light - as another way to express the artist's concept.

Have a look at these examples:

Art work by  Adham Faramawy at Cement Fondu Gallery, Paddington NSW

Art work by Zanny Begg, "Behive" at UNSW Galleries, Sydney

At Cement Fondu Gallery, Paddington NSW

Art work by Wolfgang Stehle, Munich/Germany

Art work by Andrew Christie, installed at Campbelltown Arts Centre 

Art work by Tammy Law ,"away from home",  at Maud Gallery, Brisbane

Art work by Juz Kitson at Cement Fondu Gallery, Paddington

Art work by Alex Lehours at The Galleries, Sydney CBD

Art work by Rainbow Chan at Cement Fondu, Paddington

Art work by Venuri  PereraArt Space Sydney, Woolloomooloo

Art work by Louisa Afoa at Cement Fondu, Paddington

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Tom Wallpaper

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