Can Boring Walls Be Healthy?

"Visual vastness can make people depressive and visually unattractive, ugly spaces resulting from poor decisions for public spaces create more depressions, hypoactivity from total boredom and anger attacks that any other cause known to the medical society" says Dr. Hans Dampf MD from the Public Eye Hospital in Heidelberg/Germany.

Consulting room at Headspace with custom wallpaper mural

The danger to suffer long-term moodyness from severe violations of good taste is a constant threat in times where the nature has to cease more and more to "beautification" through more and more buildings, streets and industry. Latest research results from Europe have shown that the vast use of beige and light greys for walls, furniture and floors in hospital is detrimental to the recovery of the patients and even puts their visitors in a kind of weird mood.

Here are some examples of the health sector to show you that with custom printed wallpaper, large prints on glass or vinyl and other materials that desperate situation can be easily changed.

Waiting area in dental practice