Map W‍‍‍allpaper

Get a map of any area in the world for your Australian home. Are you from Hobart and live in Sydney? We create for you a map from Tasmania for your Sydney living room.

How about a map of Australia where Australia is the centre and not America or Europe? We print your map just on demand. Travellers of the world, get a wall sized world map wallpaper to track your trips. You could spice them up with pinning photos and souvenirs to the wall. Or get a vintage map scanned and printed as wallpaper mural.

You are a real estate agent or developer?

We can produce for you a map of your local area the show you customers the location of your objects. Please ask also for our self-adhesive wallpaper fabric as we can print your map on this fantastic removable material.

See below Sydney Metro s‍‍‍treet map and further down four different available World maps.

Wo‍‍‍rld Map A

World M‍‍‍ap A detail

Worl‍‍‍d Map B

World Map B detail

Worl‍‍‍d Map C

World M‍‍‍ap C detail

Wo‍‍‍rld Map D

World Map D detail