Brick Wallpaper

Brick wallpaper

There is definitely a charm to brick surfaces. Even though it is far less of a building staple than it once was many homeowners still choose to have exposed brick walls. It works well as a feature wall and ties in with certain design aesthetics like industrial, vintage or even some modern styles. Outside of the home, retail and other commercial spaces can benefit from the addition of brick wallpapers.


Painted bricks give an entirely different look to rooms and spaces. Painted white brick wallpapers will give you a much softer feeling than the oranges, reds and browns of most standard bricks. Whatever your brick colour of choice is, they are all fantastic at framing decor such as artworks, television sets or in the case of commercial spaces - your products!


We have a great collection of brick wallpaper options below including old and damaged bricks, new bricks, mismatched bricks, painted and partially covered bricks. If you can’t see what you are looking for just use our convenient search feature to access our database of millions of premium images ready for your next wall upgrade.