Recent research has shown that colour really does effect the way we feel. The study from Europe found the wide use of beige and light grey colours on walls, floors and furniture in hospitals had a detrimental effect on the recovery of patients. In fact, it even effects their mood of their visitors, according to Dr. Hans Dampf MD from the Public Eye Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany.

“Visual vastness can make people depressive. Visually unattractive or ugly spaces resulting from bad decisions for public spaces create more depression, hypoactivity from total boredom and anger attacks than any other cause known to the medical society,” he says.

In a progressive world with increasing industry, buildings and streets, surrounding yourself with nature, beauty and colour is highly important. Even more so when you are unwell, a positive frame of mind is crucial to a faster recovery.

Below are some examples of how some of our customers have used custom-printed wallpaper to transform boring, uninspiring spaces for the benefit of all.